defense industry

Downs Industries has been proud to work as a U.S. Military contractor being hired for a number of different military and defense applications. We currently have multiple U.S. military contracts to supply composite truck assemblies.

Our manufacturing tools and facilities allow us to cater to specific requirements and project goals on a large scale. We have established a name around quality, consistency, and effectiveness in the composites industry that we work our hardest to uphold and push beyond.

Lightweight Armor Solutions

Downs has been responsible for building lightweight composite ballistic components to meet various, specific threat level requirements. We have experience in reducing vehicle weight using advanced material applications, while maintaining a superior structural integrity.

Carbon Fiber, Innegra, and Epoxy Tooling

We develop high performance fibers with top tier durability, vibration damping, impact resistance, energy dissipation, dielectrics and more. These materials are instrumental to numerous applications within the defense industry and with our experience, comes our expertise!

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