defense industry

Downs Industries has been proud to work as a U.S. Military contractor being hired for a number of different military and defense applications. We currently have multiple U.S. military contracts to supply composite truck assemblies.

  • High Capacity Production
  • Knowledgeable Composite Development Since 1980
  • Custom Armor Solutions
  • Internal Testing
  • Integrated Product Development
  • Focused Quality Control
  • ISO Certified
  • NIJ Level 4 with Weight Requirements under 11lbs. PSF

Armor Developers with a Wide Array of Capabilities

Downs has been responsible for building lightweight composite ballistic components to meet various, specific threat level requirements. We have experience in reducing vehicle weight using advanced material applications, while maintaining a superior structural integrity. We specialize in:

  • Body Armor
  • Architectural Armor
  • Vehicle Armor
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