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Downs Industries began in 1980 working with composites and materials in the automotive and custom vehicle industry. The Downs brand became the standard for quality manufacturing in custom hot rod bodies worldwide. Since then, our knowledge and background in composites have expanded our capabilities well beyond the Automotive industry, but the Downs team continues to deliver the automotive applications we have become known for specific to our customers’ requirements. Composites have helped to bring lightweight, high-performance, and cost-effective solutions to vehicles and manufacturers.

View a sample of our custom works with automotives below:

Automotive Assemblies

Our automotive background allows us to create complete assemblies for automotive applications.

Downs Industries builds complete door assemblies, hood assemblies, and full body assemblies. Our closed mold process allows us to efficiently build a weight-reduced part with more structural integrity than any of our competitors and our tooling process allows us to build more affordable tooling in a short period of time.

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