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Designing for your needs

Downs Industries has 35 years experience in advanced material processing. We deliver innovation and design that translates to an efficient, cost effective part line production using the least amount of materials to achieve the strongest most cost effective part and / or assembly.

Materials Experts

Downs Industries has experience in a variety of composites and materials, including different resins, foams, fibers, adhesives, and far more, including many advanced materials.

Specialized Processes

Between closed mold tooling, resin transfer molding (RTM), vacuum bagging, silicone tooling and a host of other materials processes, we do it all, allowing us to fulfill your materials requirements or needs.

U.S. Military Contractor

Downs Industries has had the opportunity to work as a military contractor for the United States government, developing and manufacturing composite designs for defense and ballistics materials.

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About Downs

Since 1980, Downs Industries has been a leader in high-end composites manufacturing for the architectural, marine, automotive and defense industries.

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